Perspi-Guard® is a range of high strength antiperspirant and deodorant products formulated to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat production) and bromhidrosis (malodourous body odour).


Perspi-Shield® is a range of specialist antiperspirants and deodorants focussing on alternative methods of protection from wetness and odour.


The Perspi-Rock® brand denotes a product that will provide 100% natural protection from sweat and odour, using traditional techniques entirely free of chemicals.

Neat 3B

The popular Neat 3B® range of creams and gels from New Zealand are specialist antiperspirant creams and gels designed to treat perspiration and related conditions in specific targeted areas of the body.

Neat Feat

Imported from New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of products focus entirely on looking after the feet, from preventing damage to skin repair and beyond.

Body Mint

Focussing on ‘healthy hygiene’, Body Mint is a popular range of natural food supplements that deodorise the body from within, imported direct from the USA.

Hidrex Med

Hidrex Med are a range of professional grade iontophoresis machines from Hidrex GmbH that we supply to the NHS, dermatologists and patients direct.

Dr. Hönle

Made in Germany, Dr. Hönle products include easy-to-use iontophoresis machines and top-of-the range phototherapy devices designed to treat multiple skin conditions.