High Strength Antiperspirants

At the very core of our business are our range of ultra-high efficacy antiperspirants created for Hyperhidrosis. We supply Perspi-Guard, Neat 3B and Neat Feat brand high strength antiperspirant products..

Iontophoresis and UV Therapy Machines

We have the UK’s largest range of Iontophoresis and UV Therapy machines, and supply the NHS, dermatologists and patients direct. We supply Hidrex Med and Dr. Hoenle brand iontophoresis and UV therapy machines.


Natural deodorants are a popular choice for consumers and our range of products gently help control odours. We supply Perspi-Rock and Body Mint brand natural deodorants.

Specialist Clothing and Apparel

Our specialist clothing and apparel products combine traditional methods with hi-tech fabrics to provide comfortable, effective wetness protection solutions. We supply Perspi-Shield brand specialist clothing and apparel.